In my 6+ years of recovery from my moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), I tried nearly every specialist/therapy and medication/supplement available to treat my symptoms (headaches, lack of energy, depression, dizziness, etc). I can honestly say that HBOT is the only modality that significantly improved my TBI-limited life. I can do more, have fewer headaches and have been able to reduce the two anti-depressant medications I’ve been on since the TBI occurred. I am extremely fortunate to have this nearby HBOT clinic available to me and to have it operated by a clinician who always puts my needs first.

After a debilitating aneurism, my wife, Elaine, suffered severe short term memory loss. She would have trouble finding different rooms in the house that she had lived in for 15 years. Since receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute, Elaine has had significant improvement in her memory and overall health.

After suffering from a peptic ulcer for over 15 years, I was at my wits end. Daily doses of medication would briefly calm my stomach and mildly soothe my acid reflux. I went to see Dr. Julie Stapleton, M.D., the Medical Director of RMHI. Dr. Stapleton was very thorough in her explanation of the complications and benefits of oxygen therapy. Her confidence in the clinic and especially in Ryan was the deciding factor in my choice to go forward with my treatments. After completing my prescribed treatments at RMHI, my burning ulcer is gone; I’m pain free and able to enjoy foods and activities that had become a distant memory. The results of my hyperbaric oxygen therapy have surpassed my expectations.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been a central part of my journey to healing from an idiopathic gastrointestinal illness for which I had to undergo three surgeries. My doctor wanted to place me on immunosuppressive chemotherapy and a colostomy bag to heal my condition. I did not feel that her diagnosis was correct. Like many patients who are dealing with difficult illness, I had become my own doctor. I first researched the science behind my illness and the standard medical treatments suggested healing the gastrointestinal tract. I only went to scientific sources such as the National Institute of Health, and scientific peer-reviewed journals. All of the scientific literature strongly concluded that HBOT would be immensely beneficial for my intestines and healing the internal villi and sustained injuries.

Unfortunately and perhaps expectedly, my health insurance company would not cover the therapy. They told me that it would be more expensive to have me get HBOT than to have me be on a lifetime of chemotherapy and other adjunctive pharmaceuticals. In desperation, I researched where I could receive HBOT. The hospital would have charged me $2,000 per session! I was most pleasantly surprised that the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute offered significantly lower rates…

Initially I was nervous because the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute is not a hospital. I thoroughly grilled the director of the institute about his safety protocols, fire safety, and his training credentials. I even double checked his protocols against those used at some of the major hyperbaric facilities at hospitals across the country. I found that Ryan Fulmer not only knew his work, but was extremely safe and continually updates his training, knowledge, certification and licensure. The machinery at the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute is always in tip-top mechanical condition. Ryan uses a hood method so that patients get as much oxygen as possible. All patients must wear scrubs in order to enter into the chamber.

After having treatments at the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute, I shocked my physician with my health. I have not had to take antibiotics and my medical indicators showed that I had dramatically improved. My infections not only stabilized, but are healing. I don not need a colostomy bag and I am on my way to returning to good health. I thank God that the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute exists. Without it, I would not be on such a swift journey to healing.


Dear Ryan,

I would like to thank you and your staff for the recent opportunity your organization afforded me for treatment at your facility. As you know, I recently completed a 40 session Oxygen Hyperbaric Chamber protocol and am now in the process of assessing the results. Over the next couple weeks I intend to work with several doctors to determine a path forward.

Initially, I believe I am feeling much better; my demeanor has improved, my symptoms of startle response, hyper vigilance and depression have decreased. The interaction of my current medications may be clouding or dampening some of the results and I look forward to working with my doctors to get a better idea of what level of potential healing I have actually accomplished.

Again, I would like to express appreciation to you, Eddie and David, and the generosity of your organization for making this treatment possible. I was very impressed with the professionalism exhibited in all aspects of your operation and would gladly recommend or provide testimony to anyone considering using your services and facility.

Best Regards,


Luke has cerebral palsy which affects both his mobility and balance. We have done three sets of hyperbaric dives because he shows SIGNIFICANTLY more progress during these treatments than with any of the more traditional methods. Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric was very welcoming and made us feel at home during the treatment process as well as treating Luke with kindness and respect. We look forward to going again for future treatments!
Kristin (Luke's Mother)

Dear Ryan,

We can’t thank you and your organization enough for this chance for our son, Jack to regain his health after being involved in a i.e.d explosion… among other things.

We will treasure this gift you have given our son for a lifetime.

JM and family.

Dear Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Crew,

I just wanted to take time to express my sincerest thanks for all you did for me the past two months. I honestly feel like a totally new person. My migraines have improved significantly. I went from needing my prescription daily to only taking it two times in the last month. I’ve also noticed a change in my  chronic, incurable autoimmune diseases. These treatments have given me my life back. I was sick and miserable on a daily/nightly basis. Now I’m going to the gym again, making it through a full work day with no pain, cooking dinner with my husband and most importantly… I feel like myself for the first time in a very long time. Thank you.

p.s. also thank you for always accommodating my crazy schedule.

Liana L

Dearest Ryan Eddie, Jesus, Dave and Alex,

Thank you so very much for your generosity companion, support and friendliness. I know it was a rough few days in the beginning though your patience and knowledge was comforting to me. I am aware that my TBI headache is mostly gone and my nervous system has calmed down tremendously. I’ve also noticed my sleeping has improved. My dog is appreciative that we are out hiking at 6:30 in the morning. I will continue to refer my TBI and stroke patients to you.  Also you will be on my yearly charitable donation list. I’ll be back in a few years for a “tune up”.

In Gratitude,

Dr. PF